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Patient Sign In Screens


Start Simple

Patients like it simple and fast.

We start by asking their name. Using a standard QWERTY keyboard with large easy touch buttons, they enter their full name. If you just want the first or last name we can change the banner instructions to reflect your business needs.

Logos and advertisements can be added if desired




Next, ask for a reason for their visit. With our standard system you control the categories. They are presented a list and simply touch on the choice.

All the choices are controlled by you. These are easily changed from your main menu. Generally these are categorical choices. Departments, procedures or physician names fit well to sort patients upon arrival.

The patient choice  will show in your desktop display




Finish by giving them confirmation that they are in the system. This provides confidence in your system and the office.

The last screen can also be used to advertise other services and make announcements. Maybe you have an event or want to announce you will be closed for a holiday. These screens are very effective announcement banners.

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