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Medical Check In

Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics and Labs
Medical Check in is proven to increase efficiency and provide HIPAA compliance from the moment a patient walks into your office. Reduce interruptions and document patient visits while sharing the patient traffic flow with the staff.

Customer Check In

Banks, Municipal Departments, Financial Aid Offices
Our Customer Service system improves customer service response and tracks employee efficiency. Often used in a multi-department business, this system correlates who helped each customer and tracks basic statistics like wait times and total time with customer. Best of all it allows you to sort the customers without a receptionist. Click here for more information

Student Check In

Colleges, Financial Aid Offices, Counselors
A three screen sign process gives your office the student name, id and reason for visit displayed on up to 15 computers. Tracks who handled each student. One sign in screen can handle more than 300 people per day.
Call for more information or see our website at

Mounting Styles Available

The Counter Top design is made to place on any existing furniture or on a reception counter. With only a 15” square footprint it fits most anywhere needing only power and a network connection. These systems are shipped ready to go out of the box. No assembly required.

The pole mounted kiosk style system is quickly becoming the most popular. By simply removing the base of the counter top version and installing a pole mounted kit, the check in system is self standing. Many offices have used the optional built-in wireless connection with this model to allow placement close to the door. Using the wireless connection the system only needs power wherever it is placed. Height is approximately 39” to center screen. This makes it easy to use while standing or in a wheel chair. Some assembly is required with this style unit. It is simple to assemble requiring only eight screws.

Check In Systems Inc

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